Dr. Alveda King this morning called on President Barack Obama to encourage nonviolence and love in the wake of the shooting death of Texas sheriff's deputy Darren Goforth.

King said that Obama sometimes uses “appropriate words” but that they're “almost like an afterthought or a side bar as he goes to rename a mountain or deal with the environment.”

“I would like to remind him of the social environment, the spiritual environment, the moral environment, the economic environment, and some attention needs to be given to that,” she said.

King said that she believes Obama’s voice could help “if he’d take the time” to speak out against violence.

“Every time violence would try to erupt, you must have a voice of reason, of peace, of love, of hope, of how to move forward together in unity,” she said. “And the president has that opportunity, I just pray that he'll use that voice more."

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