Russia is beefing up its presence in the Arctic as the U.S. appears to be downsizing in the region.

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin reported today that Russia is quadrupling the number of bomber flights in the Arctic from a year ago.

Back in March, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a snap full-combat military exercise in Russia’s Arctic north, which included 40,000 Russian troops and dozens of warships and submarines.

All eyes are on the Arctic as global warming melts the ice cap where 40 percent of the world’s oil and natural gas reserves are believed to be.

Experts say a race to develop natural resources in the region could lead to a new cold war.

Russia is reestablishing military bases in the Arctic and has 41 icebreakers, with plans to build 11 more.

But the U.S. Navy doesn’t have any functioning icebreakers; it relies on two aging Coast Guard icebreakers.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Army plans to pull 3,000 troops out of Alaska.

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