Donald Trump attacked Jeb Bush's position on illegal immigration in a new ad posted to Instagram yesterday. 

Trump's web ad focuses on Bush's 2014 statement that illegal immigrants come to America as an "act of love," while showing the faces of undocumented immigrants accused or convicted in violent crimes.


This is no "act of love" as Jeb Bush said...

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"Forget love. It's time to get tough again!" the ad says. 

Bush responded by arguing that Trump's immigration plan is not conservative and will have to be paid for through massive new taxes. 

"While Donald Trump was still supporting liberal, soft-on-crime politicians, Jeb Bush accumulated an eight-year record of cracking down on violent criminals as governor of Florida. Mr. Trump's immigration plan is not conservative, would violate the constitution and cost hundreds of billions of dollars, which he will likely attempt to pay for through massive tax hikes," said Bush's spokeswoman.

The Bush campaign released its own ad, using past Trump statements to argue that the billionaire's policy positions are liberal. 

Martha MacCallum asked Bush this morning whether he stands by his "act of love" statement, which has brought him harsh criticism from many conservatives.

Bush said he stands by his comprehensive plan to secure the border, calling out Trump for "mischaracterizing" his views in the ad. 

"It's almost like Donald Trump is acting like a Washington politician. That's what they do," he said. 

MacCallum again asked Bush whether he stands by his assertion that immigrants illegally cross the border as an "act of love."

"Of course they do, but that doesn't matter. What we need to do is secure the border," he replied.

"We need to do it in a way that doesn't cost hundreds of billions of dollars like Mr. Trump has proposed. We need to do it in a thoughtful way to create the rule of law," said Bush, adding that he understands people are angry because the law isn't being enforced.

Bush said he's running for president to solve serious problems, slamming Trump for his "brash rhetoric that's not grounded in reality."

Watch the wide-ranging interview above.