Former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman said on "Your World" today that the nuclear agreement with Iran is a bad deal that's dangerous for American security.

He explained that the point of the economic sanctions on Iran was to force them to end their nuclear program.

"What happened was the opposite," Lieberman told Charles Payne. "We end the sanctions, they get $150 billion dollars and a legalized path to become a nuclear power."

He said it's disappointing to see support for the deal split along party lines, with only two out of 46 Senate Democrats speaking out against the deal.

"Anybody who votes for this is going to have to live with the consequences of it for a long time to come, and so are the rest of us," Lieberman said, adding that the Iranian leaders' behavior does not make them appear trustworthy.

"They're still saying 'Death to America.' How do you make a deal that you can trust with somebody who says they want to kill you?"

Watch the "Your World" interview above.

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