Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura said in a recent interview with “High Times” that “American Sniper” Chris Kyle is “not a hero.”

“Tell me we haven’t lost our moral compass when liars like Chris Kyle are turned into heroes,” he said. “He’s not a hero. You cannot lie and have honor.”

Ventura also claimed that Kyle’s widow didn’t have to pay a nickel when Ventura won $1.8 million in a defamation suit against the fallen Navy SEAL. According to Ventura, insurance paid for everything.

Retired Marine Cpl. Jacob Schick, a friend of the Kyle family, sounded off on Ventura’s interview this morning on “Fox and Friends.”

“It’s hard for me to understand that because how is someone who was awarded two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars not considered a hero? That’s beyond me,” he said.

Schick added that the Kyle family is still mourning, yet Ventura can’t get past his own ego and ignorance.

He also had a message for Ventura.

“Quit being a clown, and go crawl back under the rock you came from,” Schick said.

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