Former Vice President Dick Cheney reacted this morning to new developments in the Hillary Clinton email scandal, saying he does not understand why the former secretary of state would have chosen to use a private server.

The State Department released thousands of pages of Clinton's emails last night, saying the latest document dump contained 125 messages with material now considered classified.

A spokesman stressed that none of the emails were considered classified at the time.

Cheney said that when there is a National Security Council meeting in the White House Situation Room, all attendees check their electronic devices at the door.

He said the procedure stems from heightened concerns that one of the devices could somehow be used to eavesdrop.

"For her to have, in her home, a server for her email setup, is beyond comprehension. I don't understand what they thought they were doing," he said.

Cheney said any time classified information could potentially be compromised, it's a "very serious matter."

"Everybody who has clearances is briefed [on the rules and procedures] when they're given their clearances. I'm surprised, for example, that you'd have someone who was secretary of state who apparently didn't follow those rules or didn't know them," said Cheney.

When asked about Joe Biden's possible presidential run, Cheney said "I like Joe" - even though they don't agree on policies - and said he believes Biden "would add a lot to the race."

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