CNN announced that it is amending the criteria for qualifying for the network's September 16 Republican presidential debate.

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The surprise late change means that rising GOP contender Carly Fiorina will likely get a spot on the main stage.

Fiorina had argued for weeks that CNN's debate criteria unfairly favored early field leaders over contenders like her who have polled better since the Fox News debate on Aug. 6.

"I think what might happen in the coming debate is that we're going to have a focus on other people who haven't now been in the spotlight, of course starting with Fiorina," Charles Krauthammer said on "Special Report."

He pointed out that Rand Paul is the candidate who could lose his spot in the primetime debate, as he's currently polling in 11th place.

"You could get a real shuffling," Krauthammer said, pointing to Fiorina and other candidates like Ben Carson and John Kasich who could move up the polls.

Watch more from the "Special Report" panel above.

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