Wyoming farmer Andy Johnson is facing more than $16 million in fines from the Environmental Protection Agency for building a stock pond for his horses and cattle on his eight-acre property in Fort Bridger, Wyoming.

Despite the fact that Johnson had state approval to build the pond and the EPA has no jurisdiction over livestock ponds, the agency ordered him in January 2014 to restore the area to its original condition or accumulate fines of $37,500 a day.

Instead, Johnson lawyered up. His attorneys — including the Pacific Legal Foundation and the Budd-Falen law firm in Cheyenne — filed a lawsuit against the agency to stop it from enforcing the compliance order.

"They don't have jurisdiction over this project. We're over 100 miles from the navigable water, we fall under the nationwide permit ... and we have the stock pond exemption. We have livestock. We're surrounded by working cattle ranches. The EPA won't honor any of their own exemptions," Johnson told Stuart Varney on "Varney and Co." today.

He added that his pond is filtering the water and providing a tremendous environmental benefit.

"When we feel like they should be commending us, they're coming after us," Johnson said. "And not only me, but my family and my home. They're attacking us."

Watch the "Varney & Co." clip above.

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