On "Fox and Friends" this morning, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke reacted to the execution-style murder of a Texas sheriff’s deputy and said that the Black Lives Matter movement is out of control.

Clarke pointed out that the headline of that tragic story should be "Black Man Shoots White Defenseless Police Officer," since Black Lives Matter activists always point out when it's a white officer shooting a black man.

"President Obama has breathed life into this ugly movement," Clarke stated. "It is time now for good, law-abiding Americans to rise up like they did in Houston around that Chevron station, an outpouring. But it can’t just be symbolic, we now have to counter this slime, this filth coming out of these cop haters."

Clarke asserted that the Black Lives Matter movement is nothing more than an attempt to weaken the institution of policing.

"If there's anything that needs to be straightened out in this country, it is the subculture that has risen out of the under-class in the American ghetto," Clarke said. "Fix the ghetto, and you will see a lesser need for assertive police officers or policing in these areas, and then you'll see less confrontation. Stop trying to fix the police. Fix the ghetto."

Watch more from "Fox and Friends" above.

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