People are outraged about a letter reportedly sent from school officials to two parents telling them that their daughter's Wonder Woman lunchbox was too "violent" and violates the school's dress code.

"We noticed that Laura has a Wonder Woman lunchbox that features a superhero image," the letter says. "In keeping with the dress code of the school, we must ask that she not bring this to school."

"The dress code we have established requests that the children not bring violent images into the building in any fashion – on their clothing (including shoes and socks), backpacks and lunchboxes."

The school’s name and address are redacted in the letter, which was posted anonymously to Reddit.

On "Fox and Friends," Tucker Carlson said that this is another example of the liberal tradition of blaming objects for social problems.

"'It's the gun's fault. It's the lunchbox's fault. Your T-shirt did this. 'The Dukes of Hazzard' has a Confederate flag, we must pull it off the air,'" Carlson said. "They're missing the obvious point, which is when the family collapses, people's behavior changes, not in a good way."

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