Is this a mistake or a misdemeanor?

An Arizona mother of four was charged with child endangerment after leaving her two-month-old son in a shopping cart in front of a grocery store.

Cherish Peterson, 27, says she was rushing around a Fry's grocery store in Gilbert, Ariz., on Monday trying to buy her nephew candy for his birthday when she became absent-minded.

Peterson explained that she didn't realize she left her son Huxton in the cart outside her car until she got home, at which point she rushed back to the store.

Luckily, Huxton was spotted almost immediately by an off-duty cop, who took him to a salon next door.

The infant was not hurt. Police said Peterson returned to look for her baby within 40 minutes after she realized what happened.

In an emotional interview, Peterson said, "I got into my car, and normally I put my cart away. But I didn't need to because I parked at the front of the store and I never park there. And I drove away."

"A mistake was made, and we've learned," her husband, Nathan Peterson, said. "But the reality is we're not perfect. We're not perfect, but we love our family, and we love our children. And we're grateful that everything is OK."

Peterson was charged with one misdemeanor count of child endangerment.

The incident has ignited a firestorm on social media, with some people claiming Peterson must be a horrible mother, while the hashtag #IStandWithCherish also began trending on Twitter with tweets from those who pledged their support for her.

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