The husband of Virginia shooting survivor Vicki Gardner today told Anna Kooiman that his wife remembers every detail of the gunman’s attack.

Gardner was shot and wounded by Vester Lee Flanagan during a live interview. The disgruntled former WDBJ7 reporter killed 24-year-old reporter Alison Parker and 27-year-old cameraman Adam Ward.

After Flanagan fired at the two young journalists, he pointed the gun at Gardner’s head, her husband Tim said. She ducked as he fired and missed twice. Then, one of his bullets grazed her spine. Gardner heard the gun click –signaling that Flanagan was out of bullets – and the gunman fled the scene.

Tim said that his wife “was lucky the way she got shot,” explaining that the bullet could have severed her spine or aorta if it struck just a few millimeters to the left.

He also said that he blames the gunman’s mental state, not his weapon. Tim said that Flanagan would have acquired a knife or machete even if he didn’t have access to a gun.

“He was bound and determined to try to make a name for himself on live TV because he failed at it so many times,” Tim said. “So no, I don’t blame the gun, I blame the guy that was holding the gun.”

Gardner faces three months of recovery after losing a kidney and part of her colon.

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