A 13-year-old boy kept his father alive for two days in the Idaho wilderness after his father was hit by a boulder.

David Finlayson was scouting a climbing route with his 13-year-old son Charlie when a boulder the size of a refrigerator struck Finlayson, sending him plunging 30 feet down the mountain. He suffered a broken back, arm and heel, as well as a gash on his shin.

"I was definitely scared at first, but I just knew that if I didn't stay calm, it could get a lot worse than it was," Charlie, a Boy Scout, recalled of the ordeal.

Charlie kept his father hydrated, dressed his wound and kept him calm for two days. On the third day, Finlayson gave Charlie a note explaining his location and sent the teen for help. Charlie hiked three miles before he encountered two men, who went to help his father.

The Idaho Statesman reported:

The men went to aid Finlayson at Ship Island Lake while Charlie continued on toward the trail head in hopes of finding others who would notify authorities. He encountered other campers, one of whom offered to run the eight miles back to the Crags Campground to go for help.

“He got there two to three hours before me,” said Charlie, a 90-pound kid who was hauling a 40-pound pack.

The Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office couldn’t quickly reach Finlayson — it’s a three-hour drive from Salmon just to the trail head — so they called Two Bear Air out of Kalispell, Mont., for assistance, Chief Deputy Steve Penner said. The helicopter couldn’t land in the trees, so it hovered while Finlayson was packaged on a stretcher, hoisted up and flown to Boise.

Finlayson is expected to be OK.

Watch Charlie's interview on "Fox and Friends" above.

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