A local pastor brought us an update this morning on the lone survivor of yesterday's attack on a live news broadcast in Virginia. 

Vicki Gardner was being interviewed by WDBJ reporter Alison Parker when a former WDBJ reporter opened fire, killing Parker and her cameraman. 

Gardner was shot in the back, but survived after undergoing emergency surgery. 

Eastlake Community Church pastor Troy Keaton told Jenna Lee this morning that Gardner went in for more surgery this morning, but is in good condition. 

Keaton serves with Gardner on the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce. Gardner was being interviewed by Parker from a waterfront shopping center for a story on economic development in the Roanoke area.

Keaton said the Chamber held meetings this morning because Gardner would want everyone to carry on. He said there is an effort to bring people out to Smith Mountain Lake this weekend as a show of support. 

Lee asked Keaton how he answers those who ask him about faith and rage and why "bad things happen to good people."

"I don't have all the answers. ... Why don't we just call this what it is? It's evil. It's wickedness," he said, adding that mental illness is not an excuse to do harm. 

"There is such a thing as evil that compounds in a person's life. And if we yield ourselves to that, it will take us places we don't want to go. We saw that yesterday."

Keaton said the reality is that there's a "good God who loves and cares for people and there's a force of evil in this world that's out to destroy us."

He brought up the words of Jesus Christ, who said that you "triumph over evil with good," not by seeking revenge or acting out of anger.

"When every person allows God and good to reign in their life, we can triumph," said Keaton.

Watch the interview above.