Geraldo Rivera and Laura Ingraham butted heads on "Hannity" tonight when discussing Donald Trump's tense press conference showdown with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos.

Geraldo said the point of that confrontation wasn't Ramos' interruption or Trump's response, but that Republicans cannot win the 2016 election without a substantial percentage of the Latino vote.

Ingraham disagreed and said it was obvious that Ramos came to the event to make a statement and "slay the Trump dragon."

She said that many Latinos don't particularly care for Univision or Ramos' grandstanding, showboating approach.

Geraldo insisted that Trump has a zero percent chance of winning the general election if he doesn't gain the support of more Latino voters.

"Why are you dividing Americans?" Ingraham asked Geraldo. "Dividing Americans along ethnic lines and racial lines and economic lines is getting really old to a lot of people."

She said that candidates like Trump and Ted Cruz and Ben Carson are tapping into the idea of bringing all Americans together and creating policies that benefit all Americans.

"How successful has the Republican Party been so far in attracting a diverse following? How successful?" Geraldo pressed. "Or is it largely the party of white America in a country that is no longer white America?"

Watch the "Hannity" interview above.

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