The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reports that almost 64,000 teenagers received cosmetic surgery in 2013, and doctors say the procedures are becoming more and more popular with teens. 

The procedures include nose jobs, lip injections, liposuction and breast implants. Fueled by social media, the surgeries are surging over the summer, as teens get ready to return to school. 

The "Outnumbered" panel, with Dr. Marc Siegel, reacted to the reports this afternoon. Siegel pointed out that if a girl receives breast implants in their teens, she will need a second surgery 20 years later.

He said many plastic surgeons legitimately want to help people with self-esteem issues, but others are just trying to make money, since a single surgery costs $10,000-$20,000.

Siegel also said that teens need to realize that their bodies are not done changing and surgery is often not necessary at that age. 

Andrea Tantaros said she blames the trend on social media and reality TV, particularly the Kardashian family. 

She noted that Kylie Jenner has had multiple plastic surgeries by age 18. All agreed that teenagers are trying to emulate what they see pop and reality stars doing.

Siegel noted that there are real risks involved with these procedures, including potential complications down the line. 

Watch the segment above.