On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld reacted to the horrific murder of a reporter and cameraman during a live broadcast and said that the answer to such attacks isn't gun control.

"We all agree crazed loners shouldn't have guns," Gutfeld said. "But that's not gun control, that's people control. Of the 317 million [people in the U.S.], thousands do horrible things."

Gutfeld said that we should focus on three things: confronting gang violence, treating mental health issues and realizing the media's role in public shootings.

"Fiends share a thirst for infamy, copying a prior fiend - a Pavlovian response to the reward, which is always fame," Gutfeld said. "They prefer their gravestone be a Wikipedia page."

Finally, he said, we must realize that in a free society, it's easier to commit violence than to prevent it.

"The background check did not catch this creep. Over half the mass public shootings involved killers seeing mental health professionals, who then missed the danger," Gutfeld pointed out.

"In sum, life is scary, but inaccurate platitudes offer absolutely no protection."

Watch more above.

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