A Nebraska veteran who suffers from PTSD said that the VA mailed him his medications to “Coo-Coo Lane."

Gabriel Florido, 64, said he was humiliated and depressed when the VA changed his address to Coo-Coo Lane. He said he interprets it as a mockery of his mental health.

The decorated Vietnam veteran told The World-Herald that he repeatedly called the VA to complain about the address change, but did not get an explanation or an apology.

The VA told The World-Herald that the address change was in error and that it happened when a new employee was being taught how to use a database.

Central Iowa VA spokeswoman Kristi Catrenich called the error “unfortunate,” but said it was “neither intentional nor malicious.”

The World-Herald reported:

Gabriel Florido saw buddies killed, enemies executed, and nearly died himself from wounds suffered during a harrowing tour as a Marine in Vietnam 45 years ago.

Florido, a native of Kansas City, Kansas, had proudly enlisted in February 1969, just a few weeks after his 18th birthday, even though he knew he would quickly get sent to combat in Vietnam.

“You want to do your part,” Florido said.

He arrived in the war zone less than six months later, sent straight to the front as part of a 10-man rifle squad. He survived a scary friendly-fire incident about three months into his tour when his patrol met another in the dark jungle.

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