The Orlando International Airport is opening a reflection room where Muslim travelers can pray.

The $250,000 prayer room, which includes a lounge and electronic charging stations, is set to open by September 1.

Airport officials announced that they were opening the room ahead of the start of service of Emirates airline at the airport. They said they aim to accommodate increasing numbers of Muslim travelers.

Not everyone is pleased with the idea, however. Rev. Franklin Graham posted on Facebook, "Let’s call this what it is—a mosque."

"How loud do you think the objections would be today if they spent $250,000 in taxpayer money to build a new prayer room exclusively for evangelical Christians? Or for Jews or Mormons or any other group? Why do Muslims get preference?" Graham asked.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, with the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, said on "Fox and Friends" this morning that we must be careful not to give Muslims preferential treatment.

Jasser said that he would rather see an interfaith prayer room. He explained that's what he's seen in many airports in Islamic countries that he's visited.

Watch the "Fox and Friends" clip above.