(Warning: the video below contains profanity.)

Nearly 8 million and counting have watched an emotional video showing an Illinois grandmother tearing into the Black Lives Matter movement.

In her Facebook post last week, which was shared more than 330,000 times, Peggy Hubbard railed against the anti-police protesters

Minister to Black Lives Matter: 'Why Are You Not Cleaning Up Your Own Community?'

Hubbard, who said she was raised by a single mother in St. Louis, criticized the movement for the latest riots that followed the police shooting of an 18-year-old man last week. Police in St. Louis said the suspect pointed a gun at two officers.

Hubbard brought up the recent story of a 9-year-old Ferguson, Missouri, girl who was fatally struck by a bullet in her mother's bedroom while doing her homework. 

No arrests have been made and police have said they don't know whether Jamyla Bolden was struck by a stray bullet or if the home was targeted.

Hubbard slammed the Black Lives Matter movement for protesting the death of a "thug, a criminal" instead of the young girl. 

“You say black lives matter? Her life mattered. Her dreams mattered. Her future mattered. Her promises mattered," said Hubbard. 

She then criticized those who have demonized police officers serving in high-crime areas. Hubbard said police officers are not on the streets for "fun and games" and want to go home to their families. 

"They’re not going to tuck you in. They’re not going to give you a cookie and sing you a lullaby. No, they’re gonna pop a cap in your a**. You shoot at them and they’re going to shoot at you. If you try to kill them, their job is serve and protect, not serve and die," said Hubbard. 

She said it's time for the black community to start protesting "black brutality" the same way they're rioting over "police brutality."

Megyn Kelly discussed the video and the overall situation with authors Dr. Cornel West and Kevin Jackson.

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