The Detroit police chief has called on the law-abiding people of his community to arm themselves. 

Now, James Craig says his city has seen a drop in crime of 12%, as Detroit moves lower on the list of America's deadliest cities.

In 2014, the Detroit police department issued more than 1,100 handgun permits, while more than 8,100 guns were registered in the city. 

The number of shootings and robberies dropped from 2013. Home invasions are down 17% so far this year, Craig said, following a drop of 38% last year.

Craig noted that in a survey of 1,800 felons, the respondents pointed to "armed citizens" as the thing they were most afraid of. 

Craig said his police officers are doing tremendous work, but said that there are more and more incidents in recent years in which a criminal encounters an armed individual.

He said his time working in Maine taught him about the importance of Americans exercising their Second Amendment right and he brought those lessons with him to Detroit two years ago.

"My time in Maine was pivotal for me taking another look at what good Americans who are armed can have on reducing violence," said Craig.

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