Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said on "The Kelly File" tonight that he would deal with the problem of illegal immigration not by ending birthright citizenship, but by securing the border and actually enforcing immigration law.

Christie said that the reason Americans are so passionate about this issue is because the federal government has neglected to enforce U.S. immigration law for the past 30 years.

He explained that if we had a secure border and made sure that visitors didn't overstay their visas, then we wouldn't have millions and millions of illegal immigrants in the country in the first place.

"What people are really angry about is the government doesn't do their job," Christie said. "People are angry because this government doesn't work."

"Folks don't want to go backwards. We don't want to litigate old fights and old conversations and old disputes," Christie said. "We need to have someone who's going to be looking forward and doing things the right way."

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