"The Factor" sent Jesse Watters to New Hampshire to ask Bernie Sanders supporters if they really know anything about the Democratic presidential contender.

Watch the hilarious Watters' World clip above and see some of the highlights below.

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Do you know what "Democratic socialist" means?


You look like a Sanders supporter.

"Oh yeah?"

"Col. Sanders."

Has a poor person ever offered you a job?

"They have not."

Do you think socialism is good for America?

"Yes, absolutely."

"It wasn't very good for Greece, though, was it?"

Is Bernie Sanders fighting a war women?

"I don't think he's fighting a war against women."

"Then why is he trying to keep Hillary out of the White House?"

Do you trust Hillary?


"Neither does the FBI."

What do you think about Hillary Clinton?

"It's just inviting Bill Clinton back into the White House, and I'm not ready for that."

"Neither are the interns."

Watch the hilarious Watters' World clip above.

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