A couple of Minnesota boys were tracked down and brought to justice - by their own parents! - for their vandalism at a local park. 

It all started when the parents learned that their 14-year-old son and his younger brother tried to tip over a portable restroom at a Farmington park, damaging the unit. 

Dan Schlomka, owner of Schlomka’s Portable Restrooms & Mobile Pressure Washing LLC, applauded the parents after he received letters of apology from the boys, along with cash for the damage. 

In a Facebook post that started with the words, “Good parenting alert!" Schlomka shared a photo of the cash and letters.

He explained that the parents contacted police to file a report, but that he declined to press charges over the roughly $50 in damages. 

Schlomka, a soon-to-be father, said he plans to take a lesson from how these parents handled the bad behavior.

Watch the "Fox and Friends" interview above.