GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina praised the three Americans who acted heroically Friday to stop a terrorist gunman on a train in France.

Fiorina said Sacramento State University senior Anthony Sadler, Air Force serviceman Spencer Stone and National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos are the "best America has to offer." 

"You know what’s also inspiring about these three young men? Their humility, their modesty. They’re not pounding their chests, they’re not talking about how great they are. They’re saying, 'oh anyone would have done this,' even though we all know that’s true. I do think that part of heroism and leadership is modesty and humility," she said on "Fox and Friends." 

The men spoke about the incident yesterday, as President Francois Hollande awarded them France's Legion of Honor for their heroism. 

Stone, who suffered several wounds in the struggle, said they began punching the suspect, and he eventually was able to choke him unconscious.

"He seemed like he was ready to fight to the end. So were we," Stone said.

Fiorina then switched gears to the ongoing controversy over Hillary Clinton's private email server. She said by any "common sense definition," Clinton lied about Benghazi and has now lied about her emails. 

She promised to continue "throwing punches" at Clinton, or whomever the Democratic nominee turns out to be.

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