Donald Trump appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor" tonight and reacted to a turbulent day for U.S. stocks, driven by fears about China's economic slowdown.

Trump said the U.S. economy is too closely tied to China's, and they're dragging us down with them.

"Not only now have they taken our jobs and they've taken our base and they've taken our manufacturing, but they're pulling us down with them," Trump said. "We can't allow this to happen."

He called for a large-scale "uncoupling" before it's too late.

"Ultimately, the balloon is going to pop, and it's going to get very ugly," Trump said. "And you're starting to see the beginning of that."

He said it's the U.S. government's fault for allowing China to repeatedly devalue their currency.

"You know what the big imbalance is? Intelligence. Their leaders are intelligent, ours aren't," Trump said.

Watch the "Factor" interview above.

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