One young Phillies fan is beyond devastated over the news of Chase Utley’s trade.

The second baseman, who played 13 seasons with the Phillies, was traded to the Dodgers this week.

Fans across Philadelphia will miss the longtime Phillies player, but not as much as the little boy who burst into tears at the news.

WATCH: Little Boy Bursts Into Tears at Reporter's Question

“Nooooo! He’s the best guy on our team,” he wailed in a video that’s going viral on Facebook.

“He would get us a lot of home runs!” he insisted.

The 36-year-old Utley has struggled with injuries this season, batting .217 with five home runs in 73 games.

After the trade was announced, the cover of the Philadelphia Daily News declared Utley the team's "most beloved" player ever.


Watch the viral video below.

Rumor has it the Phillies just traded Chase Utley to the Dodgers. Maybe Jimmy and him can win one more ring together. But there is one Philly fan who is pissed off about this. This guy takes his baseball seriously! Love him for that!

Posted by Bill Mackiewicz on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

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