The first two women to complete Army Ranger School made history today at a graduation ceremony at Fort Benning, Georgia.

First Lt. Shaye Haver of Copperas Cove, Texas, and Capt. Kristen Griest of Orange, Connecticut, received the black-and-gold Ranger tab along with 94 male graduates.

A third woman is nearly finished with the rigorous training and hoping to graduate in the coming months. 

The ceremony comes as the military decides whether to open all combat positions to women who meet certain standards. Haver and Griest were praised by many of their male counterparts.

"They can serve by my side anytime because I know I can trust them," 2nd Lt. Erickson Krogh said. "Especially these two. I'd have no qualms about serving with them in combat."

Fox News reporter Lea Gabrielle, who served as a Navy fighter pilot and performed combat support duties for a Navy SEAL team in Afghanistan, said it gave her "chills" to see what these women have accomplished.

Gabrielle said these women have proven that females can excel in the grueling training, but the next question is whether females should serve in elite Special Forces units, like the Navy SEALs.

She said military leaders must have the "space, away from  politics" to decide whether women will make Special Forces units stronger or weaker.

Gabrielle said she does not believe all aspects of the military should operate as "equal opportunity employers."

Watch her analysis above and let us know your thoughts.