Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said on "The Kelly File" tonight that the spread of anti-cop sentiment has led to a collapse of social order in many urban areas across the country.

He noted that a crowd gathered to protest the shooting of an armed suspect by Missouri cops, but no mention was made of nine-year-old Jamyla Bolden, who was shot dead by an unknown assailant just seven miles away the night before.

Clarke said that groups like Black Lives Matter try to make it appear that police are the problem, while black-on-black crime goes unchecked.

Clarke said that is having devastating consequences for good, law-abiding black people.

"Young black men are going to have to realize that authority figures have to be respected," Clarke said. "You cannot point a gun at a police officer and expect nothing to happen. You cannot, you will not, you shall not point a firearm at a law enforcement officer."

Watch the "Kelly File" interview above.

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