Is the end near for Christianity in the Middle East? That’s a question posed in a recent New York Times Magazine article by Eliza Griswold, who explained how ISIS is seeking to eradicate Christians and other religious minorities from the region.

Christians are being pushed out, enslaved, and gruesomely murdered in the Middle East. Griswold explained in her article that Iraq’s Christian population has dropped to less than 500,000 today from about 1.5 million in 2003.

The Arab Spring made things worse for Christians, according to Griswold, who explained that the toppled dictators had actually protected religious minorities.

Now, she said, ISIS wants to completely wipe out religious minorities.

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Griswold told Jenna Lee that the most important step to saving Christianity in the region is to get rid of ISIS.

“The threat of ISIS is an existential threat,” she said.

Griswold also explained the importance of establishing a constitutionally guaranteed safe haven in Iraq for religious minorities.

Watch the segment above. Read Griswold's powerful article here.

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