On "The Kelly File," a woman and her teenage son broke their silence about a raid on their Wisconsin home that some say was part of an orchestrated effort against Scott Walker supporters. 

The show reported on the "John Doe" raids back in April, when one woman detailed a 2011 pre-dawn raid in which a dozen armed police officers entered her home and ransacked it. 

Cindy Archer, who worked with Walker, said the officers would not say why they were there and told her she could not tell anyone about the search, in which her computer and phones were seized.

She has now filed a civil rights lawsuit. 

The state's Supreme Court has now stopped the investigation, as critics claim that the raids were part of a politically-motivated effort by the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office to go after conservatives and attempt to find incriminating information about Walker. 

Investigators dispute the accounts of police storming into homes, saying they shouldn't even be called "raids."

In 2011, Walker was embroiled in a bitter dispute with Democrats and labor unions over the state budget. 

Martha MacCallum spoke to two people who experienced one of the raids firsthand in 2013. Deborah Jordal, who runs a communications firm that once had Walker as a client, said it started at 6am when a female officer came to the door. 

The deputy said they had a warrant to search the house. When Jordal asked if she could go to her kids' rooms to wake them up, she said the officer followed her in. 

"So when they woke up, they saw an armed deputy standing next to their bed," said Jordal. 

She said she had no idea why the officers were there. Jordal said the whole family was then gathered and the officer read the warrant. 

Jordal said the warrant stated that there was a "gag order" and that the family could not tell anyone about the raid, except for a lawyer. 

Jordal said she then asked if she could call a lawyer, and the officer said she could not. 

Adam Jordal said his classmates immediately asked him what happened at his home after noticing the numerous police officers outside.

Watch the compelling interview above.

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