On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld reacted to Donald Trump's CNN interview, in which the Republican front-runner warned Pope Francis that "ISIS wants to get you."

Gutfeld agreed with Trump that ISIS wants to kill the pope, but added that's because they want to kill everyone, including themselves.

Gutfeld said that Trump should take his own advice and focus less on immigration and more on those who really wish to destroy us.

"We're facing a new age of terror: today's technology married to today's hate. When ghouls master new methods of mayhem, today's barbarism will seem like the good old days," Gutfeld said. "So if you're ever going to be a single issue voter, that's your issue."

"Our next president must put aside platitudes and come to grips with a new threat that's almost too horrid to contemplate. A store-bought drone with aerosol spores offers ten 9/11's at a fraction of the cost," Gutfeld said.

"If that doesn't get the pope's, Donald's and America's attention, then nothing will."

Watch more above.

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