Police say a Georgia dad left his 6-year-old son in a locked car while he went on a dinner date.

Authorities say that 51-year-old Aric Keck and 26-year-old Jacqueline Tabb walked the child back to Keck’s car in the middle of a dinner date at Kona Grill.

They then allegedly returned to their dinner date while the little boy stayed in the car.

The sobbing child used a phone left in the car to call his mother, who contacted police.

AJC.com reported:

“Mom, we’re at the Tona Grill,” the boy told his mom.

The restaurant was later determined to be the Kona Grill on Avalon Boulevard in Alpharetta. And thanks to the boy’s ability to tell his mom the names of streets where the car had been parked, investigators were able to piece together what happened with help from surveillance cameras in the area.

The little boy was allegedly left in the car alone for more than a half hour.

Both Keck and his date were charged with reckless conduct.

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