Outraged residents spoke their minds at a city council meeting after Huntington Park, California, officials made a controversial decision to appoint two illegal immigrants as city commissioners.

The speakers included an African-American woman, who said she fully supports Donald Trump's immigration stance and took offense to someone comparing undocumented immigrants to slaves. 

“My people commit a crime they go to jail. Their people commit a crime, they get amnesty," said Chanell Temple, referring to California's "three strikes" law.

A legal immigrant resident, Francisco Rivera, also spoke out. 

"There's a right way to do things and a wrong way. People shouldn't get rewarded for doing the wrong thing. It's not fair for guys like me and for other people as well," he said.

Both of the appointees served on the campaign of council member Jhonny Pineda, who made the appointments.

Julian Zatarain, 21, was appointed to the city's parks and recreation commission, while Francisco Medina, 29, was appointed to the health and education commission.

The mayor, Karina Macias, praised the appointments, saying the men "are part of the community" and should have a voice. 

Trace Gallagher reported on "The Kelly File" that federal law prohibits the two men from being paid. 

Then again, he noted that federal law also prohibits them from being in the country in the first place. 

Rivera discussed his opposition with Elisabeth Hasselbeck Wednesday morning (video below), agreeing with Trump that babies born to undocumented immigrants should not automatically get U.S. citizenship.

"I think it was about time that somebody would literally stand up and say that," said Rivera.

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