Fox News contributor Monica Crowley said this afternoon that Hillary Clinton gave "preposterous" answers to questions posed by Ed Henry about her private email server.

The compelling back-and-forth occurred at a Clinton campaign event in Las Vegas yesterday, when Henry pressed Clinton on whether she "wiped the server clean."

Clinton once again attempted to downplay the questions, joking back, "What, like with a cloth or something? I don’t know how it works at all."

She insisted that what she did with the private emails was all "legally permitted."

Crowley said that the way Clinton has handled the controversy has been "atrocious."

"That presser was one of the most disastrous public spectacles I have ever seen. The questions were real and on point and her answers were preposterous," she said. 

Crowley said this scandal has been in the news for months, yet Clinton seemed unprepared to answer the questions. 

She argued that like most other Clinton scandals, the former secretary of state thought this would just "blow over," but that is not happening now that there is an FBI investigation underway. 

"The problem is, she's not in control of this. Barack Obama is in control of it. It's his administration, his FBI, his DOJ," said Crowley, adding that Clinton appeared to "lose her cool" yesterday as she realizes she can't control this scandal.

Crowley said ultimately Clinton is a "terrible candidate" and predicted that she will not be the Democratic nominee.

Watch Crowley's analysis above.