On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld reacted to Hillary Clinton's tense meeting with Black Lives Matter activists.

During the 15-minute conversation, Clinton repeatedly disagreed with the five activists. At one point, one of them even accused her of "victim blaming."

Gutfeld said the reason Clinton arranged the meeting was because she saw that Black Lives Matter had been attacking other campaigns, so she decided to meet them separately.

Gutfeld said that Black Lives Matter is based on the ideas that empathy cannot cross ethnic lines and any advice given by white people is tainted by white privilege.

"The cowards of the left resist pointing out that this is sanctioned bullying - a suspension of civility in favor of intimidation," Gutfeld said. "Perhaps they expect incivility from BLM, which to me is racist - allowing their rudeness means you think they can't handle manners."

He said that Clinton's meeting with the activists revealed racial division's ultimate impasse.

"Why should whites talk to you if you think whites are all bad?" Gutfeld asked. "If the goal is not to improve but implode the system, then words are just warm-ups to flames."

Watch more from "The Five" above.

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