Speaking at a town hall meeting in Derry, N.H., Wednesday night, Donald Trump took aim at his fellow GOP presidential contender Jeb Bush.

Trump noted that Bush, who was holding his own town hall 20 miles away in Merrimack, drew a much smaller crowd.

"You know what's happening to Jeb's crowd, as you know, right down the street?" Trump said. "They're sleeping!"

Trump ripped Bush's statements about the Iraq War, immigration and Common Core, stating that the former Florida governor is "going down like a rock" in the 2016 race.

"I don't see how he's electable."

Trump said that when he went to the courthouse for jury duty several days ago, he had to fill out a form and state his profession.

"I refuse to say I'm a politician. I can't say it," Trump said. "You know what I did? I put 'real estate.'"

Trump said he's dealt with politicians all his life, and he knows the system better than anybody.

He said that Bush, Hillary Clinton, Scott Walker and all the other candidates who are raising money become puppets for their donors.

"They're totally controlled by special interests, lobbyists and donors," Trump stated.

Trump said that he's seen how tough the political circuit can be, and he knows it takes a certain amount of courage to run for president of the United States.

"I want to do something so special," Trump said. "As well as I've done in business and all of that, this is so much more important, what I'm doing now."

"Our country is falling apart."

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