In his Talking Points Memo tonight, Bill O’Reilly said that it is too early to discount Hillary Clinton's chances in the 2016 race, but her email scandal is unlike anything she has ever experienced.

O'Reilly noted that some political analysts believe the investigation into Clinton's private server will result in her not being able to run for president.

He pointed out recent CNN and Fox News polls that reveal Clinton's support is eroding quickly.

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Hillary Clinton?

Do you think Hillary Clinton did anything wrong by having a private email and server?

Clinton vs. Donald Trump:

Clinton vs. Jeb Bush:

Clinton vs. Scott Walker:

Clinton vs. Carly Fiorina:

Did Clinton lie about the emails?

O'Reilly said the scandal will come to a head when the FBI issues its report in several months.

"It would be foolish for any serious person to discount Hillary Clinton," O'Reilly said. "She is a savvy and determined candidate."

"But she has never experienced anything like this. And that's saying something."

Watch the full Talking Points Memo above.

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