Jeb Bush got a big endorsement in his bid for the GOP nomination from a group of our nation's military heroes. 

Marine Lance Cpl. Kyle Carpenter was bestowed the medal last year for his actions in Afghanistan in 2010, when he threw himself onto a live grenade to protect his fellow Marines. 

Carpenter was pronounced dead on arrival by medics, but he incredibly survived. Carpenter underwent 40 surgeries after sustaining a fractured skull, punctured lung and the loss of his right eye. 

He's now the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient and one of the dozen who just announced their support for the former Florida governor. 

"The Bush family truly cares about our military, our military strength, our national security, best equipping our homeland security and really thinking back to the basics and fundamentals of how to solve problems and I think that really resonates with a lot of veterans," he said on "Fox and Friends."

Carpenter said the group believes that Bush really understands the importance of taking care of veterans. 

He pointed to a Bush initiative in Florida to give free public college tuition to Purple Heart recipients and their children. 

Watch the full interview above.