Ron Dermer, Israeli ambassador to the United States, appeared on "The Kelly File" tonight to react to the Iran nuclear agreement and what Donald Trump recently had to say about the controversial deal.

On NBC News’ "Meet the Press," Trump said it would be very difficult to "rip up" the deal, but he stated he would "police that contract so tough that they don’t have a chance. As bad as the contract is, I will be so tough on that contract."

Dermer said that instead of ripping up or policing a bad deal, Congress should prevent that bad deal from going into effect in the first place.

He said he thinks there is a chance that happens, since the more people learn about the deal, the more they oppose it.

Dermer agreed with Trump's assertion that the agreement paves Iran's path to obtaining nuclear weapons and also frees up billions of dollars for the Islamic republic.

"We should sit together, scrap this deal, which is very bad, and work to get a much better deal which would be safer for Israel and safer for America," Dermer said.

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