Hundreds of people turned out in Lancaster, Kentucky, to provide a military funeral to a United States veteran they didn't even know. 

Vietnam veteran Don Kaas died at age 66 at a VA hospital in late July. 

The hospital could not locate any members of the former sailor's family, so the owner of a local funeral home stepped in. 

After the remains went unclaimed for a few weeks, Lancaster Funeral Home owner Shane Young decided to post about it on Facebook. 

He said he was hoping that at least a few people would show up to pay their respects, but the response quickly "snowballed."

"It was an overwhelming response. We knew that night something special was happening," said Young.

With support from local veterans organizations, an estimated 800 people showed up to honor Kaas and provide him with a full military funeral.

Not much is known about Kaas. He served on a submarine during the Vietnam War and later moved to Kentucky because he loved horses.

"I'm very proud of our small little community. ... With all the bad things that happen in the world, everybody's ready to latch onto a good, wholesome story and just run with it," he said. 

Young said he got lots of offers to cover the expenses for the ceremony. But he said he declined, asking people to donate to veterans organizations instead.

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