Stumping in Iowa yesterday, Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina took a jab at Bill Clinton while speaking about whether "hormones" could affect a female president. 

Fiorina recalled that she was asked previously about a Dallas executive's claim that a woman should never serve as president. 

Cheryl Rios made headlines by bringing up female hormones, arguing that the Oval Office should be reserved for "a good, strong, honorable man." 

Fiorina pushed back on that thinking while on the Iowa State Fair soapbox, again targeting the Clintons, as she has done throughout her campaign

“Can we think of a single instance where a man’s judgment could have been clouded by his hormones?" she asked to applause, in an apparent reference to the Monica Lewinsky scandal. 

Fiorina has enjoyed a boost in the polls since analysts overwhelmingly declared her the winner of the first Fox News debate earlier this month. 

She jumped three points, to 5% support, in the first post-debate Fox News poll, placing her 7th of the 17 candidates.

Watch her remarks above.

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