Donald Trump told Bill O'Reilly tonight that illegal immigration is devastating our country and we must do something about it.

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"We have to start by building a wall, a big, beautiful, powerful wall," Trump said. "It can have a gate, it can have a door. We'll let people in legally, but we have to stop what's happening to our country, because we're losing our country."

O'Reilly agreed with that part of Trump's immigration plan, but asserted that another part of the plan - the mass deportation of illegal immigrants - will never happen because of the 14th Amendment.

Trump said that will have to be tested in the courts, but insisted that people who are in the U.S. illegally have to go.

"You need borders and you need law," Trump said. "We have to start a process where we take back our country. Our country is going to hell."

O'Reilly asked Trump about accusations that his stance on immigration is turning Hispanic Americans away from the Republican Party in droves.

Trump reiterated that he believes he will win the Hispanic vote because he's going to bring jobs back to America.

"They have a great incentive to come out and vote for me, because we're going to make America great again."

Watch the "O'Reilly Factor" interview above.

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