A 7-year-old Texas girl wanted to give back to the hospital that helped her walk. 

As a newborn, Addison Bryan was diagnosed with Larsen's Syndrome, a condition that causes hip and leg deformities. 

After numerous surgeries and procedures and countless hours of treatment at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas, Addie now walks and runs around like a normal little girl. 

For her 8th birthday, she started a YouCaring campaign to raise $8,000 for the hospital and took to the street with a sign asking for donations. 

One couple out there was so moved by Addie's campaign that they anonymously donated $50,000, bringing the grand total to $69,500. 

Addie and her dad, Jeff Bryan, talked to Brian Kilmeade this morning. Jeff explained that the hospital gave his daughter free care, prompting the family to give back. 

"What she's doing is really spreading. And to see that gratitude from other people is very incredible," he said about the huge surprise contribution.

Addie said that people seemed to really respond to seeing a child trying to help other sick kids. 

"It's fun to help all the other kids. ... It's a good thing to do for everybody," she said. 

Watch the full interview above.

If you want to donate to the great cause, visit the hospital website.