Is there a war on women? Jesse Watters hit Miami Beach to find out.

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Have you guys ever been waterboarded in the war on women?

If there is a war on women, does that mean we have to keep paying for your dinner?

"If you want to go on a date with me, you should pay."

So you don't always want equality, you want chivalry when it suits you?

"Yes." "Yes." "Absolutely."

Do you guys get paid the same as men?


"Well, there's a reason for that."

Do you think the WNBA players should make the same as the NBA players?

"Of course. They're working just as hard."

"So you guys don't believe in supply and demand?"

Are you excited that there could be the first female president?

"I love it. I love Hillary."

"I was talking about Carly Fiorina."

Do you think Donald Trump has a problem with women?

"He has a problem with everybody."

Am I oppressing you right now?


"Do you want me to a little bit?"

"Yes, please do."

Watch the hilarious Watters' World clip above.

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