Each morning on the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey, an American flag is raised and the national anthem plays. 

Beachgoers, joggers and passersby stop to salute. It's a longstanding local tradition that has grown since 9/11 and now - thanks to social media - people across America are taking notice.

The video has been watched nearly 9 million times (and counting) since it was posted on Facebook recently.

Seth Bazacas and Kyle Plachta, representatives of the Ocean City Boardwalk Club, stopped by "Fox and Friends" this morning to give us some background on the ceremony. 

Plachta said it's "remarkable" to see people slowly come to a stop and honor America and those who have served the nation. 

"The flag-raising started as a way to just open up the water park. And after 9/11, the response from the community, the veterans really took hold and people really took an extra personal initiative in [saying] 'we're gonna support our country in this way," said Bazacas. 

Watch the ceremony below and the interview above.

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