The "Outnumbered" hosts took a look at the possibility of Vice President Joe Biden entering the presidential race, pointing to new signs that Biden might challenge Hillary Clinton for the nomination. 

Politico reported Friday that Biden's confidantes have begun eyeing potential donors and strategizing about going to early primary states.

The strategy would reportedly focus on South Carolina, where Biden's allies believe he would win. 

The report stated:

South Carolina, goes the thinking, would be the first real open primary and the first with a diverse electorate, and that would power the argument they’re making about Biden’s appeal to broader constituencies.

“If he decides to go, he will win in South Carolina,” said Columbia-area state Rep. James Smith. “It’s not happened quite overnight, but we’ve got very, very strong support from all across South Carolina, from all communities — faith, business, elected and community leaders who have been long-standing Biden supporters and are ready when he and [wife] Jill decide they’re ready to make a run for it.”

After being in touch with Biden’s inner circle through the week, Smith said, “I think he’s getting closer to saying yes, I really do.”

Andrea Tantaros weighed in on whether Biden's run is a potential "Plan B" for Democrats in 2016. 

She predicted that a Biden campaign could quickly gain steam with the support of President Obama, likening it to 1988 when Ronald Reagan supported George H.W. Bush. 

"I think Hillary Clinton is a shell of a candidate on the verge of political collapse. And I think someone as politically astute as President Barack Obama knows that. I also don't think they are friends. I think they are 'frenemies' and he wants to secure his legacy, that's all he cares about. The Clintons will trash it in the general [election]," she said.

Judge Alex Ferrer said Clinton might not even have a campaign by January, depending on how the FBI investigation into her private emails turns out. 

Tantaros and Kennedy agreed that the administration seems to be adding "gas" to the fire when it comes to the email scandal. 

Watch the discussion below.