Republican presidential candidate John Kasich appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor" to share his foreign policy platform, including his belief that the U.S. and our allies should attack ISIS with ground forces in Iraq and Syria.

"With ISIS, you either pay me now, or you're going to pay me a heck of a lot later," Kasich said. "It's an attack on Western civilization, and we've got to go and we've got to erode and destroy them."

Kasich said he believes that most American citizens understand the seriousness of the threat posed by ISIS and would be supportive of U.S. troops being deployed to fight the brutal terror group.

He added that he doesn't believe in nation-building, and he would deploy U.S. troops, eliminate the threat and then leave.

"Our military should be mobile, it should be lethal, we should take care of business and come home. This idea of converting people to our way of life, I don't think is the right approach."

Watch the video above to hear Kasich's thoughts on the Iran nuclear agreement.

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