A quick-thinking 13-year-old joined "Fox and Friends" this morning to recount his face-to-face encounter with a burglar. 

Reece Zittle said he was watching Netflix on his computer on the night of August 10 when he kept hearing noises in the house. 

Zittle said that his mom was asleep, and soon after, the suspect found him and told him to be quiet and stay put.

Zittle said he tried to quickly study the man's face and features so he could give a good description to police. 

"I watch 'Law and Order' a lot and it just kind of instinctively kicked in to just do that," he said, adding that he was "terrified" of what the intruder would do to him and his mom. 

According to WTVT, the suspect, Braxton Morgan, was quickly taken into custody at an abandoned house right near Zittle's home.

Stolen electronics - including the family's XBox, TV and DVD player - were recovered. Morgan even swiped a Subway sandwich that the teenager was planning to eat.

The wrapper from that sandwich actually helped cops solve the crime. 

Zittle said he's "very happy to be alive right now" after hearing that Morgan has a long rap sheet, including weapons offenses. 

Watch the interview above.