A new video shows just how easy it can be for a pedophile on social media to lure a young girl away from her home. 

The hidden camera stunt from YouTube star Coby Persin has been watched more than 30 million times in the past week. 

Persin began by posing on Facebook as a 15-year-old boy who had just moved into the neighborhood. With each of the parents' permission, he friend-requested and began talking to three girls, ages 14, 13 and 12. 

When the three girls eventually went to meet up with the "boy," Persin was there - along with the parents - to give the girls a jolt of reality. 

In one of the videos, Persin drove up in a white van. The girl's parents were in the back - wearing ski masks - and both swore their daughter would not get in the van. 

They were horrified when their daughter came out of the house - believing her parents had gone out to dinner - and got into the van. 

Persin described the idea as a combination of "Scared Straight" and "To Catch a Predator."

"It is a business, but at the same time I like what I'm doing," he told Stuart Varney on Fox Business Network today. 

Persin, who acknowledged he makes money with every view, said his intention is to scare parents into communicating with their children about the dangers of social media. 

He said he's getting ready to release a second part in which he targeted young boys by posing as a 15-year-old girl who wanted to meet up. 

Persin said that some of the situations the boys were lured into were "insane."

Watch the interview above and the viral video below. See more from Persin on his YouTube channel.

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